(Photo:Sexy Prom Dresses)

Using cutting edge technology, 47 designers and engineers are hard at work finishing their pieces for the Make Fashion show on April 2. Taking place at the Telus Spark, the outfits are meant to be a stylish marriage in wearable technology.

Thought-controlled dress

Angela Coombes and her team are working on a dress that uses brainwaves to control LED lights while she walks down the runway and sings a electro pop song she wrote herself.

The emotive headset has 14 sensors, each tied to a different light on the dress, that changes colour based on what type of brainwave – alpha, beta, delta or others – is more dominant.

“It’s will look like a brain-mapping, morphing display of colour,” she said.

Her team calls the dress musethereal.

Transforming Muslin

Catherine Blair is creating two dresses, a jacket and gown, that are linked by brainwave reading headsets. The headsets compare the brainwaves of the two models, and use little motors and pulleys to physically change the shapes of the dresses depending on the model’s thought patterns.

“As the two people are thinking more similarly, the two dresses will be in similar shapes,” said Blair. “As they think less similarly, the dresses are different and distinct.”

Blair and her team call the project To:gether.

Fiery prosthetics

Kelly Hofer’s team used a B.C. company to carve out special prosthetics for their model, Nadine Richards. They’re using blue lights underneath the carvings to create an intense fire animation.

“So, her prosthetic legs become an art piece in themselves,” said Hofer. “Rather than trying to emulate human legs, we’re turning her into a cyborg by electrifying her legs and adding art to it.”

Laser cut collars and cuffs

In all shapes and sizes, April Onishenko’s team is making two complimentary dresses, one for an adult and one for a younger child.

The circles on the dress will be outfitted with LED lights to highlight the pattern.

The collars and cuffs of the dresses and have been intricately designed and carved out using a laser cutter.Read more at:vintage prom dresses